HCPCS 'J' Modifiers (12)

Modifier Description
J1 Competitive acquisition program no-pay submission for a prescription number
J2 Competitive acquisition program, restocking of emergency drugs after emergency administration
J3 Competitive acquisition program (cap), drug not available through cap as written, reimbursed under average sales price methodology
J4 Dmepos item subject to dmepos competitive bidding program that is furnished by a hospital upon discharge
JA Administered intravenously
JB Administered subcutaneously
JC Skin substitute used as a graft
JD Skin substitute not used as a graft
JE Administered via dialysate
JF Compounded drug
Terminated June 30, 2015.
JG Drug or biological acquired with 340b drug pricing program discount
JW Drug amount discarded/not administered to any patient